Become a Developer in 12 weeks.

Our graduates in Lagos earn an average salary of ₦100,000*

Course Overview


Learn on real-world coding skills

Become Very Good

Learn the most sought-after skills in tech, from PHP/PYTHON to Javascript, with support from our dedicated and experienced team of professionals.

Learn on real-world coding skills

Build Top Notch Web Applications

Our coding bootcamp course is results-focused. You will build real world web applications, while collabrating with other students on a range of projects.

Learn on real-world coding skills

Get A Job

Launch your new career in web development with our resume assistance, job searching and career coaching or start making money through freelancing.


Corridorspree University RoadMap

Corridorspree University Prep (Optional)

1 Week

Prepare your self for the work ahead, by taking some programming exercises.

10 Weeks

Cs & Web Mastering (Onsite)

4 Weeks

Learn What it takes to build real web apps.

Full Stack Web Development (Onsite)

6 Weeks

Work in teams to develop real working applications. Work with new applications, deploy applications, and test new technologies

Job Search/Freelancing (Offsite)

3 to 6 Months

You find and apply to the companies of your dreams, or we will teach you how you can launch your online business

Week By Week

Week By Week

This gives you a strong foundation, and prepares you for an incredibly intense learning experience.

  • The foundations of web development
  • Build a landing page for a web design firm
Learn Full Stack JavaScript in 2 weeks.
  • Mastering JavaScript
  • Server Side Concepts
  • Database Concepts and Technologies
Learn how to write MVC structured code and deploy applications on the web.
  • Client Side Concepts and Technologies
  • Deployment Concepts and Technologies
Work in teams that resemble industry standards to develop functional applications. Work with new technologies and put your bug testing to good use.

In the last week, you’ll prepare for the job search by doing practice interviews, learning negotiation tactics and updating your resume and online presence or you can learn how to start your own online business.
  • Building a new application from scratch
  • Advice and guidance based on available job opportunities
  • Building your own StartUp

Download Syllabus

Our instructors are experienced professionals who share our passion for investing in others.


Learn New Skills

Our experienced team works directly with each student to make sure that they learn web development in a short amount of time

Online Presence

By graduation, you will have a strong, unique Github portfolio, online profiles and a resume that reflects your value in the job market.

Build Your Startup

By the end of the training, if you decide to go the Enterpreneur route, we will assist you with everything needed to launch your online business.



Full Stack Web Development (4 Weeks)
Pay a monthly
tuition of ₦25,000 First 10 persons to register will get 10% off. Apply Now
Full Stack Web Development (12 Weeks)
Pay a one time
tuition of ₦70,000 First 10 persons to register will get 10% off. Apply Now



Prior industry or academic experience is not required, but most successful applicants have been introduced to programming by writing some code independently, or by working through courses on e-learning platforms such as CodeSchool or Codecademy. The school is open to all, maybe you have dabbled into code writing before or you a complete newbie. we got you covered
Beyond having any coding experience, successful applicants are passionate, intelligent learners and clear, empathic communicators.
There isn't a "typical" Corridorspree University applicant - our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some hold a CS degree and want to get web dev specific training before applying to jobs, some come from adjacent fields such as design or IT and have tangentially worked with coding, and many come from unrelated fields, looking to gain a complete skill set and begin a career in engineering.
We encourage you to submit an application by completing our admissions process here.


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