- Are you a photographer? - Yes. - And where is your Instagram? - But I have a    gallery, exhibitions, auctions ... - Where Is your Instagram?


By 2020, the number of users of social network Instagram will grow from 300 million to 680 million people. Such forecasts are from the analytical bureau Cowen Group. In addition, the growth in the number of active accounts also causes an increase in the number of advertisers - in five years Instagram will bring them $5.8 billion a year .

Do you have an Instagram account? We don't even need to ask - Instagram is one of the most popular social media used today all over the world. And Corridorspree has Instagram. We advise you to join immediatelyInstagram is the easiest way to tell the world about yourself. But for a brand it is an ideal tool for creating a visual story. But do not get excited, because throwing all your photographic materials at instagram is only going to ruin your brand.

We decided to give nine tips, which will help your business comfortably settle in Instagram.

1. Each photo should have a history and spirit of the company or brand

Make sure that the photographic material fully corresponds to the positioning of the brand or product and will find a response from the audience. Remember, every photo is not just a visual stimulus, but a channel of communication with a subscriber.

2. Use hashtags for instagram

They help you to track discussions concerning your brand or on a topic that is as close as possible to it. In addition, you will be able to identify opinion leaders in your field of activity.

3. Use high quality photo

Yes, and a thousand times yes! No grainy photo! Only high quality, only hardcore. And do not abuse the filters. It is better to use third-party photo editing applications, for example AfterLight or VSCO Cam. And do not overload your Instagram with too many photos: to start with the best option - 2-3 photos per week .

4. Write less, show more

Do you have a new product or service? Show the followers what it is and how it works by posting a photo of the goods / things in the process. If it's cosmetics, then show how the model looked before and after using the goods of your brand. And if the shoes, then show how she behaves in different weather conditions and circumstances.

5. Launch a competition

Do you want to activate your audience and get new active followers? Launch the action! From the simplest - the followers post the photo using the hashtag you need, and then you select the winner. One of the most popular competitions held Mercedes-Benz USA . They worked with the most influential instragmers, giving each of them the opportunity to drive a Mercedes-Benz CLA for five days. Participants post photos of their adventures and trips, and the author of the photo with the most number of likes received a Mercedes for free. The followers could also send their photos with the #CLATakeTheWheel hashtag and this gave them the opportunity to win the CLA context. But the competition does not have to be so extravagant.

For example, using the #dresseDD hashtag, Dunkin Donuts suggested that its followers "dress up" their Dunkin 'Donuts coffee cup during Halloween and win a $ 100 gift card. Hashtags for the likes - a real Godsend.

6. Show what is happening "on the sidelines"

Everyone loves secrets and gossip, because the truth is interesting, what happens behind closed doors. Make your relationships with subscribers more trustworthy - provide exclusive access to photos of new products, events and other events. For example, the fashion brand Burberry placed photo models right during fashion shows, backstages and photo sessions. Similarly, Louis Vuitton entered in 2014 - post photos from the Women's Spring / Summer 2014 show during the show.

7. "Humanize" your brand

People want to know more than just about your products and services. The consumer is also interested in looking at people who work for you, on your corporate chips. Share your photos with your employees' photos and what employees do outside their work. Companies such as eBay, Tumblr and Facebook regularly post offline activities of their teams. And photographed jobs and spread pictures from various meetings and conferences. In general, stay close to the people.

8. Place a video

General Electric puts out 15-second video of its technologies in action: for example, 3D printing of a new part from the beginning to the end. And Wendy's fast food chain uses Instagram to promote contests and new dishes on the menu.

9. Encourage your followers

The brand should not just expand its audience, it should inspire! An example of this is Nike or Lululemon, whose tape is full of motivating photos and people who are doing something extraordinary, or, for example, Starbucks, whose photos of latte and other coffee delicacies tell stories each day that can safely be called cozy and domestic.